Top Questions

My flight delay happened over a year ago, can I still claim the compensation through TravelRight?

Probably yes! The law of the country where the airline‘s headquarter is located determines the time limit to claim compensation under EC 261. You can check the time limit chart on our "Know Your Rights" page.

Will I still have to pay if the claim is not successful?

No! We charge a commission fee only if you get claim compensation.

The airline has already refunded my flight ticket or rebooked my cancelled ticket, can I still claim the compensation through TravelRight?

Yes! Even though airlines provide you accommodation, food, beverage, or vouchers, you are entitled to up to 600 euros compensation according to EC 261.

Can I claim delay compensation if I already received money from my travel insurance?

Yes! This is not a conflict, you can still apply for delay compensation after receiving insurance compensation.

I don’t have my boarding pass/luggage tag anymore, what do I do?

The boarding pass is a vital evidence to carry out the proceedings . It’s better to upload your boarding pass and luggage tag as it can enhance the chance of winning your claim. If you no longer have your boarding pass, we request you upload an itinerary that shows your name and booking reference.

Can I claim compensation from a flight that was paid by my employer/families/friends?

The compensation follows the passenger – not the entity who paid for the ticket. If your trip is delayed, you will be the one who can claim compensation and damages.

Can I claim on behalf of others?

Yes, you can help others to submit the information for claims, but the passenger being represented needs to sign the mandate. If you wish to be the contacted by us directly (for example, you are a travel agent or family of the actual passenger), you can fill in your email and phone number for contacting. If other passengers are traveling with you within the same booking reference, you can click "add passengers" and add their information for claim as well.

Due to flight cancellation, can other expenses incurred, such as hotels, be claimed together?

Hotel expenses, meals, transportation, and call charges that result from flight delays or cancellations can be claimed together.

Can I claim a claim for baggage delay?

Claim service for luggage is not available yet.

Claim Procedure Related Questions

How do I know if I’m entitled to compensation?

The quickest way is to check the eligibility of your claim via our webform( It is completely free of charge, no obligation. It only takes 3 minutes and we will give you initial feedback quickly.

How long will we take for eligibility check?

Due to the complexity of the reasons for flight cancellation/delay, we need some time to confirm with the carrier airline and evaluate the eligibility of the flight. Once confirmed, we will inform you as soon as possible.

How long until I get my compensation?

This varies. The processing time depends on the specific situation of the flight and the work efficiency of different airlines, so we do not have an accurate time range, but we try to get your compensation to you as soon as we can. We are always following up on claims and pushing for a response from the airline. We will always keep you up to date about the status and progress of thsese proceedings.

How can I check the status of my claim?

As soon as there’s new information regarding your claim, we will inform you immediately via email. For peace of mind, you can check the status of your claim from your personal account at(

Assignment Form & Signature

Why should I sign the Assignment Form?

Assignment forms authorize TravelRight to take care of all of the legal process on your behalf. Without it, we can’t pursue your claim or send you any compensation.

What is the requirement for the signature on Assignment Form?

The signature on the assignment form must be consistent with the one on the passport. The airline will compare and check the signature on the assignment form and the signature on the passport.

My child is under 18. Can he/she sign the Assignment Form?

Children aged two years or older have the same rights as adults to claim compensation according to EU Regulation 261/2004. However, minors are not permitted to sign the assignment form. Parents or a legal guardian can sign the minor’s assignment form. We ask that you provide any document proving a relationship between child and parents/legal guardians.

Compensation & Payment

Do I have to pay before I receive the payment?

No! In fact, you don't need to pay anything beforehand. We charge a commission fee at a level of 30% (including tax) of compensation from the airlines. We only get this commission after we win the compensation for you.

I receive a compensation amount less than estimated on the website, can I apply again?

After payment of compensation, the airline will not accept duplicate claims for the same claims case.

How will I receive my compensation?

Bank transfer

Can I use someone else's bank account to receive the claim compensation?

Yes. Please make sure that you have provided complete and accurate information of the bank account.

Why did I receive a different amount of the compensation from what was computed before?

Under European regulation EC 261, if a passenger accepts re-routing for a canceled flight, the airline can reduce the amount of compensation paid by half, provided the passenger arrives at his or her final destination within a certain time frame.

Regulation Related Questions

How is the Flight Delay is Calculated?

Flight delay is based on the time you arrive at your final destination. This is important because even if your flight takes off late, the airline may still be able to make up time in the air.“Arrival time” has been defined as the moment at which the aircraft has reached its final destination and one of its doors is open. This is based on the assumption that, at that moment, the passengers are permitted to leave the aircraft.This can sometimes be a difference of 15 minutes or more from the time you landed.

Do all bad weathers count as serious adverse weather conditions?

It depends whether or not the airline could have prevented the problem. In case of a significant delay, it’s suggested to collect the proof of your delay (it can be issued by the official website of the airline, via text message, or photos etc.), and fill in the claim application in our website (, then we can help you on further inquiries and processing.

Multiple connecting flights?

The Multi-leg flights covered by EC261 must be on the same reservation with the same booking reference. Please ensure that your flights are on the same reservation. If the client has booked his/her the connecting flight individually, the two flights are not under the same reservation, which is not eligible for claim.

Who is the actual air operator?

That is the airline that operated the flight which was delayed. Sometimes the connection flight that was delayed was operated by a different airline than the one which you bought the airplane ticket. When this happens, the claim is submitted to the airline that operated the delayed flight.

Other Common Questions

What should I do if the airline contacts me personally after I have filed a claim with TravelRight?

Once you authorize us to start the claim process on your behalf, you have to let us know if you have any contact with the airline. This will help us better defend your interests in compliance with our terms and agreements.

Do airlines always give a reason for rejecting a claim?

Unfortunately not. The airline may fail to provide a reason for the rejection, but we are always following up on claims and pushing for a response from the airline.

What’s the booking reference and how can I find it?

A booking reference is a code used by airlines to keep track of individual reservations. You can find your booking reference on your e-ticket or on any emails or documents you received from the airline afte booking your trip. This code will most often be six-character code, including both letters and numbers (for example: 6N7WE2) Some airlines may refer to this as a PNR or Record Locator. Please make sure you don't include spaces when filling in passenger information form.

How do I know if my multi-leg flight is under the same reservation?

If you book separate flights with two different confirmation letters and reservation numbers, it will not be covered by EC261.You can check the booking reference number for confirmation. The booking reference number will be the same if your flights under the same reservation. If you are buying a ticket at a travel agency, please contact your travel agent to confirm your booking information.